Chain overhead conveyors

The two-track chain conveyor consists of an upper and a lower track. The upper track is used to guide the drive chain. The carriages on the lower track are driven by carriers that are part of the drive chain. Each carriage consists of two bogies, which are connected via a pin by the supporting body of the trolley. The carriages are switched on and off the drive chain by means of a lever mechanism which is part of the carriage’s front chassis. Stopping at stations is performed by means of pneumatically operated stops. The conveyor can be supplemented with automatic transfer switches, jacks, shifters, automatic loaders, or unloaders of transported material, etc. The load capacity of the conveyor is max. 1500 kg. The maximum conveyor speed is 30m / min.

Single-track chain overhead conveyors

The single-track chain conveyor consists of a passable thin-walled profile in which a steel gimbal chain driven by a single drive unit and tensioned by means of a tensioning station located in the track curve is located. The chain components are hinges that have a constant pitch. The drive of this conveyor can be regulated by means of converters or unregulated. The components of this conveyor can also be manipulators, which eventually load or unload the transported object while driving. Conveyor speed is max. 30m / min. The load capacity of the hinge is max. 1000 kg.