EHB overhead conveyors

The EHB overhead conveyor forms a duralumin profile equipped with contact wires. Transport happens by electric carriages. Smooth operation between individual workplaces is ensured by switches of various branches controlled by the track control system. The control system transmits instructions to the carriage via a communication trolley. The advantage of the system is automatic or semi-automatic operation, quiet operation and a clean floor with plenty of space.


Options and specifications for EHB overhead conveyors

  • Possibility of vertical change of the direction of the overhead conveyor
  • Connection of conveyors by means of contact wires or inductive transmission
  • The EHB overhead conveyor can be equipped with various types of displacements in the horizontal and vertical directions
  • EHB trucks can pass through horizontal and vertical curves
  • The EHB carriage may include a lifting or other mechanism
  • We offer various taps of switches or shifts
  • The maximum load capacity of the carriage is 2500 kg
  • Maximum carriage speed is up to 60m / min
  • The number of carriages on the track is not limited