Roller conveyors

Driven and non-driven, or gravity roller conveyors specifications:

  • Speed: 0 – 70 m / min, unregulated and regulated by converters
  • Load capacity: 0 – 3000 Kg
  • Roller width: 100-2000 mm
  • Roller spacing: as required
  • Drives using: chains or pulleys
  • Location in height: as required
  • Special roller conveyors for skid transport
  • Umístění ve výšce: dle požadavků
  • Speciální válečkové dopravníky pro skidovou dopravu
Turning systems on roller tracks

Up to radius R = 1000-2000mm

Up to right angle

Lifting stops and jacks for conveyors

Lifting speed 20m/min

Load up to 1500 Kg